Metal Roofs

Long-lasting, durable, and capable of standing up to extreme weather, metal roofs are a popular choice for many home styles and offer unparalleled protection from fire and the elements. Depending on esthetic preferences and overall style, they are available in a variety of colours, finishes, and base materials – and we start every job with a discussion of what your final expectations and needs are, and how we can meet them.

Metal roofs require proper treatment, such as painting and sealants, and regular maintenance to ensure rust prevention and less fracturing from the freeze/thaw cycle. As metal roofing experts in the Peace Region, we will go over every inch of your roof to make sure it is built to last: our labour warranty covers you for five years, and the manufacturer’s warranty goes on even longer. We use proven products from Canada’s own Metal Experts for all our metal roof work.

Residential Metal Roofs at Heritage Roofing

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